live well

We work to live, not the other way around. We like to live well. That means we enjoy life. So, while we’re serious about eating good food that’s good for you, we’re not precious about it. We like a beer and a glass of wine, like the next person. There’s nothing better than sharing something tasty and drinking something delicious with someone you like. But it’s got to be a good beer and a good glass of wine. That’s why we have local craft beer on tap and a small selection of local wines, all made by people we know and like. 

Living in Barcelona, we also like to live an active life. We skateboard, swim, bike, run, climb, ski, sail, paddle and of course party - from time to time! That’s why you will always hear good music in our cafes. As well as being our chef, Justin has a mean playlist that he is always updating. Check it out on Spotify. 

Life’s a balance. We’re blessed by living in such a vibrant city by the sea and near to amazing countryside and the mountains. We say get out there and enjoy it. It’s never just one thing. Sometimes we overdo it, but that’s fine. We re-balance. If we look after bodies by paying attention to what we put in them and we look after the people we love, we can all live Super well.   




food that tastes good and is good for you


eat good food

Like more and more people today, we like to eat good food - food that tastes good and is good for you because you know what’s in it and where the ingredients come from; you know and like the people who make it and you know that it’s wholesome and healthy; you like hanging out at the place you buy it and you like the price, because it’s food you can afford to enjoy. That’s Super Food. 


Justin and his team prepare our food in our kitchen everyday with local, seasonal and organic ingredients whenever they can. Not all of our food is organic but it’s never mass produced. We make our food by hand to suit many tastes and diets, much of it vegetarian and vegan. There’s an emphasis on Indian spices and curries because Justin comes from Durban in South Africa, a city with a large Indian population and food culture. There’s always something sweet for dessert, often healthy, always delicious.

We’re generous with our portions and our food is designed to be enjoyed quickly or slowly in our cafés or to take away. We’re always developing new dishes because we have an insatiable curiosity about finding tastier ways for people to eat good food. That’s also why Christiane stays on top of all healthy food trends, because we think it’s just common sense to learn more about what we put into our bodies every day. You can find out more about our menus, their ingredients, our suppliers and what’s happening in the world of healthy food here.


The Kitchen

creates miracles everyday with local, seasonal and organic ingredients




Justin is our chef and is supported by our Super kitchen team – Mamadou and Mustafa.



Mustafa is cooking with us since the early days. He has been there, when we opened our first shop in 2015.



Mamadou from Senegal has been with us a long time and complements the kitchen trio.





specialty coffee home roasted in Barcelona especially selected for you


drink delicious coffee

Why would you drink anything else? We love good coffee and we can’t think of a better way to start the day. Our baristas make coffee that stacks up against the best in Barcelona. And we’re proud to be part of the flourishing artisanal coffee movement here. We all know where our beans come from, who grew them, who roasts them and we all are passionate about making the perfect cup of coffee. Try one anytime of the day. Or you can buy our coffee to make it yourself. Find out more about our passion for coffee – our beans, the roasters, our coffees and where to find the best coffee making equipment.

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